Fibonacci Spiral Clock

Fibonacci Spiral Clock


Fibonacci Spiral Clocks are designed after one of the most famous mathematicians in history: Leonardo da Pizza (A.K.A. Fibonacci). It is believed that Fibonacci has inherited mathematical equations from Ancient Egypt / Middle-Eastern mathematicians in ancient history. Based his work on that knowledge, he has invented a numerical sequence later known as “The Fibonacci Sequence “.


The curve of the spiral hand (that shows the hours) of the F.S.C. is created using the Fibonacci Sequence, which can be found in the ‘Golden Ratio’.


Silver & black colour combination. Body material is plexiglass. Comes with a clear, matching stand (has a white protection film on one side, allows stand to be used in white) and an instructional leaflet. Size: 30x10. AA Size single Battery (Must be provided). Free delivery with 10 year guarantee.

Color: Grey
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